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Non-discriminatory Practice and Procedure
Unit: Support Professionalism and Community Involvement

Respect and Good Service through Non-discriminatory Practice

It is good practice to demonstrate respect and the best service you can provide to all clients. Similarly, all your colleagues deserve to be treated with respect and support. This should, of course, also include clients or colleagues regardless of gender, age, ethnicity, or who have some form of disability.

Legalisation against Discrimination

The Commission for Equal Opportunities has a statutory duty to ensure that people do not discriminate and do promote equality between men and women.

The current Disability Discrimination legislation states that you should not treat people with disabilities less favourably than those who are more able-bodied. When providing a service, consider making reasonable adaptations to services delivered for people with disabilities.

There ought to be adequate access to goods and services. Facilities and services should also aim to accommodate people without discrimination.