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Hygiene in the Workplace
Unit: Promote the Image of and Support Hygiene in the Workplace

Hygiene in the Workplace

While at work you should present an image that always reflects a high personal and professional standard. Your personal presentation, should match your client’s expectations, of providing a safe and professional service of the highest standards.

Hygiene in the Workplace



If you are supplied with a work uniform, make sure that it is always clean, ironed and correctly fitted.


Always wear the correct protective clothing to shield your uniform or personal clothes, this is particularly important when using chemicals that could permanently stain or damage clothing.


Always wear gloves when using chemicals eg hair dyes or perming solutions. Gloves should also be worn where there is a possibility of contact with mucous membranes blood or serum eg during waxing and other beauty treatments.


Shoes should be smart but comfortable. High heels will not seem such a good idea after standing up all day and open-toed sandals will not protect your feet from spillages or knocks.

Discreet Jewellery

Always make sure that any jewellery that you wear does not interfere with your work. Dangly jewellery could get caught in clients hair and hand jewellery like rings, bracelets and watches can harbour and spread germs while carrying out everyday tasks.

Hands and fingernails

Hands and fingernails should always be clean and well presented. Nails should never be too long as they could accidently hurt a client or interfere with your work.