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Workplace Security
Unit: Security Procedures

The Importance of Effective Security to your Business

All businesses require effective security procedures, the following areas all need specific types of security rules to make the workplace a safe place to work and visit.

  • Personal security for staff.
  • Money and stock security
  • Security for business data.
  • Equipment security.
  • All businesses will have drawn up their own security rules which are the most important and appropriate in terms of the nature, style and the size of the business.

    Security Areas




    Personal security for staff.

  • Do not bring in any valuables to the salon
  • Keep money or purse with you at all times
  • Keep valuables in lockable storage
  • Be aware of who is on the premises and report anything suspicious.
  • If possible avoid working alone late at night and always make sure someone else is aware of your schedule.
  • Keep till drawer locked when not in use
  • Use different routes and times for banking
  • Money and stock security

  • Carry out regular stock checks
  • Keep displays in locked glass cabinets
  • Always lock stock away.
  • Use empty or dummy displays
  • Designated person in control of stock
  • Limit access and keys to stock
  • Always keep money locked away.
  • Appoint a designated person to be responsible for money.
  • Never leave a full till unsecured.
  • Business data security

  • Confidential client data kept secure with password protection
  • Company financial data kept secure with password protection
  • Personal responsibility for company security ie activities which could release viruses into company system
  • Equipment Security

  • Lock up expensive or hazardous equipment.
  • Equipment needs to be checked before and after use.