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The Fire Precautions Act 1971
Unit: Fire and Evacuation Procedures

The Fire Precautions Act 1971


Under The Fire Precautions Act 1971, all business premises must adhere to the following:

Undertake a fire risk assessment. This must be in writing if five or more people work together as employees. The employer must also take into account all other people on the premises; this will include clients and visitors to the premises.

Each premises must have a fire and evacuation procedure. All staff must be fully informed in all aspects of evacuation procedures; this includes any specific duties that individual employees may have eg checking rooms. Everyone should be fully aware of all the locations of assembly points outside the premises.

There must be a full fire drill involving everyone at least once in every twelve month period. All employees including trainees and temporary workers must take part in any training or fire drills that enable employers to fulfil the duties placed upon them by this act


Fire drill notices explaining what to do in case of fire must be displayed clearly. All fire exits must be clearly marked with the appropriate signs.

All employees should be aware of the location of all fire fighting equipment, however only trained personnel should ever use them.

All premises must be provided with an adequate means of escape.